We at Kissing Point netball do our best to bring to life our parent sports’ club’s code of being A club for good sports both on and off the court by sticking to a couple of guiding principles.  We’re always open to chat about it but our starting point for players below the Open grades is usually:

  • Playing to age –
    Unless there’s a very good reason, we believe most players are best served by playing within their age group rather than being accelerated to an older division. For our money, there are better ways of developing a super-talented 16-17yo player than putting her in Opens against older women.
  • Grading –
    For the main winter comp, we believe young developing players are best placed with players of similar ability rather than with mates of differing abilities and so our winter teams are graded. The more relaxed Spring Comp is a different kettle of fish and social teams are most welcome.
  • Sportsmanship –
    This is important both on and off the court and for all participants – players, coaches, managers, spectators. We enjoy a win as much as the next club, but not at the expense of playing fairly.  As a club, we do not encourage or coach for rough tactics or aggressive play.  At the end of the day, the KNA noticeboard displayed each week at the Canoon Road courts puts it all in the right perspective:

These are kids
This is a game
The coaches are volunteers
The umpires are human
This is simply a local sporting event