Kissing Point Netball Grading Guidelines and Policy


All teams at Kissing Point Netball are graded for winter comp and ungraded for spring comp. The responsibility of grading is taken very seriously with a number of formal steps in place to get the best possible outcome for each individual, for the team as a whole and for the club overall.  What makes it so difficult – especially in relation to younger, developing players – is that things can change from one season to the next … skills develop, bodies grow, new players come or others move on, fitness and strength develops, concentration focuses, interest waxes or wanes, it all just clicks … or not!  In relation to all grades below the Opens, our grading convenor(s):

  • Confers with coaches at the end of winter for feedback, primarily relating to the players’ grading for the season – was it correct, too high or too low?
  • Joins with experienced netball coaches and selectors who are independent of our club to assess players over one or perhaps two sessions at the start of the new year to prepare recommended team lists.
  • Reviews the team lists with the members of the Club Executive.


Please click on the link – KP Grading Guideline and Policy – to obtain more information regarding grading guidelines and Policy for Kissing Point Netball.