NetSetGO! is a special program that deserves special mention.  It’s a skills-based program developed by Netball Australia to provide girls and boys aged from 5 to 10 years with the best possible learning and playing experience for a positive introduction to netball.

Kissing Point Netball typically runs a NetSetGO! program in Term 4 each year to help the really young ones develop their gross motor skills, get a feel for the great game that is netball and prepare them just a little for the next year’s season should they be old enough (7+) and want to play real games in a team.

Australian Diamonds’ player Kim Ravaillion is the ambassador for this important grass-roots program for our sport and happily at KPNC, some of our best Intermediate and Cadet players give up their time to coach the little ones.  The attitude of these fine young women sets a great example to others – they come at it from the perspective … Well … someone put in the time to help me learn when I was young so now it’s time for me to give back and do it for others.  And its a joy to watch the really little ones learning from the Club’s young guns with some older and more experienced coaches keeping a watchful eye.

Click on the link below to register if your child has not played during 2018 :

2018 KP NetSetGo Term 4 link – NEW players

Click on the link below to register if your child played for KP (or another club) during 2018:

2018 KP NetSetGo Term 4 link – CURRENT players


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Registration and Payment

Registration and payment is done online – go to the Posts on the Home Page and click onto the NetSetGO! post.



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