School sport

For those players attending an independent school, Term 2 puts basketball and football on the inter-schools’ calendar while in Term 3, the team sport is netball or hockey. If you have committed to a KP team, we do ask that you carefully consider your obligations before playing a sport at school alongside club netball.  Some schools flexibly manage any clashes while others are rigid and refuse to allow students to miss a single school game or even a training session.

The best thing to do is to make enquiries with your school’s sports’ coordinator well in advance and find out what is expected of you, where matches are likely to be held and at what time of day. The draw doesn’t change much from year to year so they should be able to give you a broad idea depending on which team / grade you are likely to play. As a general rule, the higher-graded school teams play indoors (so games are rarely cancelled due to weather) and earlier in the day while the lower-graded school teams can play outdoors and usually a little later in the morning.

The most difficult clashes usually arise for those in KNA’s age divisions for the 12s (who usually play at 10.40am) and Intermediates (who usually play at 11.45am although some grades can play at 10.40am). We do ask that you be clear on what you’re committing to and consider the possible repercussions for your club team mates.  Quite often, they will be left short of players and have to borrow from lower teams, which can negatively affect their performance and results.

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