Each team typically trains once mid-week for an hour, starting a week or two before the winter season.  The team manager to’s and fro’s between the coach and players to find a time that suits everyone when there’s a court available. Training takes place at one of two venues:

  • Canoon Road, South Turramurra – these courts don’t have lights and so are only available for training after school with the natural light fading by 5.30pm.
  • Lofberg Road, West Pymble – these courts do have lighting and are used both after school and into the evening.  Due to high demand, often only half a court is available to each team. If the lights don’t come on when they are meant to (sometimes, the timing program goes haywire) please call Margot Davis (0402 478932) as she can phone in and switch the lights on from her mobile.

Depending on which other teams are training at the same venue and time, practice games can be organised.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
               Mark Spitz