KP was the first club to move from the skirt and top or onesie lycra dress to the simpler one-piece tunic with velcro strips for the attachment of positional patches.  The transition was a huge success and with the classic red, white and blue colours to work with, it wasn’t difficult to make an impact for all the right reasons!

What to wear
The only compulsory bit is the club dress (or shirt and shorts for boys). The other items to get sorted are a pair of over-pants/bike short in black or blue, white socks and sports shoes. Look on the merchandise page for other bits and bobs that add flair … scrunchies, club socks, headbands etc.

New uniforms are purchased directly from our supplier, Sydney Netball Shop, at Castle Hill.  We do hold some new uniforms at the start of the season – particularly to help out those who register with us later in the process – but it’s best not to rely on this as we may not have your size. WAY better option is to get organised early because come the start of the new season, there are an awful lot of new and/or growing netballers out there needing new uniforms!  When you place your order with SNS, you can personalise the length to the desired level for a particularly tall or petite player.

Pre-loved uniforms are always in big demand and are traded through the club’s uniform coordinator at no charge.
If you have a uniform to on-sell please contact Brigid Judd




Contact our Uniform Coordinator, Brigid Judd, for more information and assistance.

Wearing the same uniform doesn’t make you a team –
Coming together is the start
Playing together is progress
Working together is success
And winning together is a great bonus