If you are interested in finding out more about umpiring for Kissing Point please contact the KP Umpire Convenor

With each of the 330 games that take place each Saturday at Canoon Road needing two umpires to officiate, there is clearly a high demand for umpires!  While games for the littlies playing  NetSetGO! are umpired / coached by parents, all games for players aged 9+ are officiated by umpires from clubs other than the two on-court teams.  Each club has to provide an umpire for each of its teams and if it can’t meet the required number, it has to borrow from other clubs with surplus umpires.  In 2017, KP fielded close to 30 umpires for our club and other clubs, with the older and higher grades requiring more highly qualified officials.  All these requirements make for quite a jigsaw puzzle for KNA to put together each week!

As one of the larger clubs, Kissing Point plays a key role in training and fielding umpires to help officiate at games, and that means great opportunities for our members to get involved. In 2017, KP:

  • Saw the majority of the newcomers achieve their first District badge
  • Had several existing District-badged members improve their grading to Mid or High D
  • Added 2 National C badges to our ranks
  • Paid out over $8,000 in fees to our own club umpires who officiated not only on behalf of Kissing Point but also for some smaller clubs

The objective of an umpire is to not get mentioned. I tell a lot of young umpires that not being mentioned is king. If you can achieve that, then it has been a pretty good game.
               Alan Lewis