Learning to umpire develops great skills for life.  With the proper instruction and support, it builds self-confidence, promotes independent and quick thinking, earns a few bucks and definitely improves fitness – an umpire can run as far as the Centre does in a game!

Umpires are graded according to their skill level and aim to progress through the tiered system as the rate of pay goes up with each step:

  • Unbadged – the starting position
  • District badges – Low D, Mid D, High D
  • National badges – C, B and A

KP works hard to develop our umpires as far as they want to take it.  While hands-on courtside experience is the #1 requirement for improvement, such development is enhanced through such additional activities as:

  • Buddying – our more experienced umpires give generously of their time to watch and guide the less experienced as they umpire real games. They chat with them in the breaks and provide tips as to key areas on which they should focus.  Each new umpire receives a notebook in which the buddy writes their review and tips for the next game.
    As umpires start to move through the ranks, the focus of buddying comes down to the 1-on-1 level
  • Gala days – these days staged throughout the season for the younger players provide great opportunity for umpiring experience

Courses – formal courses are part of the process of moving up to the national badges, the fees for which the club will pay for our member candidates.