Getting started

23134_1_MWelcome to Team White!  With such a large number of umpires to be provided, Kissing Point runs a fun and effective training program to get new umpires (aged 12 and above) up and running with confidence.  All new “unbadged” umpires are required to attend a training day staged by KNA at the beginning of the season.  This day involves a familiarisation with the rules, clarifying responsibilities during the game, teaching of key hand signals used by umpires, positioning on court and all-important practice at blowing the whistle – loud and with confidence!

In support of this, KP stages a 2-week pre-season training program at Canoon Road where our more experienced umpires take the club’s newcomers in hand.  After tackling plenty of drills to build knowledge and confidence, all the trainees have the chance to umpire at least part of a training game between various KP teams.  Each year, this program is a huge success and virtually all the newbies receive a District “D” badge within a few weeks. And do bear in mind this opportunity is not limited to the players – participants of all ages are welcome to train to be an umpire. Interested?  Contact our Umpires’ Convenor, Nicole Davis, and she’ll get you started!