With so many players and teams hitting the court, we both rely and thrive on the support of our volunteers.  The extent of involvement is left to the individual but we can always find room for helping hands and a warm heart!  The range of skills and time required is broad from annual roles on the committee, seasonal roles for a team or particular discipline (managing, coaching, umpiring, social events etc) through to an occasional hour on the barbie or behind the tuckshop counter.  And it’s not just a girl thing – the more guys who are involved, the better. The Kisso community is a special one and the netball club is a great way to meet new people. Here are some areas to think about:



Managers play an important role in supporting the coach and players.  Most are parents of players in the team and do a great job making sure everyone knows where they need to be and at what time.  Some responsibilities include:

  • Preparing a team contact list
  • Finding a mutually convenient training time (one of THE hardest tasks all season!)
  • Supporting the coach
  • Finding reserves if needed – which means understanding KNA’s borrowng policy
  • Passing on notices from the club to team members regarding social events, rep trials, holiday camps etc
  • Organising occasional team gatherings

If you are interested in managing a team please select the box in the registration form (yours or your child’s) or contact anyone from the KP committee for more information.

Other roles

It’s quite possible there can never be too many volunteers! If managing or coaching is not your thing, there are plenty of other opportunities:

  • Join the committee
  • Share your specialist skills in a special or one-off capacity – you might be surprised what you could do to help!
  • Put your hand up when it’s the club’s turn to do grounds’ duty – help out on the barbie or the tuckshop; install the lower rings for the young ones playing Netta  ….
  • Come up with your own way to contribute

Some people want it to happen
Some wish it would happen
Others make it happen
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