Come and help us out!

All coaches at Kissing Point are volunteers.  Some are parents; some are talented players; some are enthusiasts without kids playing in the competition; all are spectacular! We do our best to ensure they are well prepared and in a position to develop the players in their charge:

  • The Club supports completion of at least the Foundation Coaching course (if not the Level 1 as well) through Netball NSW
  • We do our best to match experience with the appropriate age group
  • We hold sessions throughout the season for coaches to confer and share difficulties and successes
  • KNA makes additional training available throughout the season and shares a range of online resources

If you’re interested in coaching in the coming season or taking some training to become a better coach, contact our Coaching Coordinator – Nick Hill.

Click here to go through to our coaching resources’ page for links to some great online videos for various skills and drills.

Working with Children Check

It is now a requirement of NSW state law that all coaches who don’t have their own child playing in the team they are coaching are certified with a Working With Children Check. This is done online via the Office of the Children’s Guardian and after completing the straightforward form, you then need to take your driver’s licence into a Service NSW branch for verification. There is no charge for volunteers to be certified and the check takes anything from a few days to four weeks to be processed and lasts for five years.  The club then must keep each coach’s certification number on file. It’s not that arduous at all and is in the best interest of the kids.

If at first you don’t succeed …
Try doing what your coach told you to do in the first place