Welcome to the Kissing Point Netball Umpiring community.

These notes explain how the umpiring system works, however, if you have any questions please contact one of the convenors listed at the end.

The Kissing Point Umpire Convenors are made up of 2 individuals who share responsibilities of organising the umpires for Kissing Point:

  • Marinda Taha looks after the roster, payments and general admin.
  • Kelly Oastler looks after the development of the umpires, badging and buddying coordination. 

KNA requires each club to provide an umpire for each club team in each timeslot that is playing in the competition. However, an umpire will not umpire a game involving their club; the umpire will be allocated another game at the same time.

Interested?  Contact our Umpires’ Convenors, Kelly Oastler or Marinda Taha, and they will get you started!

New Umpires

As a new umpire you will normally be umpiring either an 8.00 or 8.55am game (i.e. 9s and 10s games). There may be opportunities later in the year to umpire a later game but everyone starts with the early morning games.

Prior to the season starting KNA runs an introductory course which is a good way to get started. This year the course (Beginner Umpires Workshop) is being held on Sunday 7th March.

There is also the 9 year round robin which is on TBA and we organise our new umpires to umpire these games. The games are only 10mins long.


You will be buddied by fellow Kissing Point Umpires before being assessed for your next Umpire Badge. You will need to have your “Buddy Notebook” with you at all times. Your Buddy will use this for recording details of buddying sessions. When you are assessed for a badge your book will be checked to see how you have improved and what you are working on. If you have not received a Buddy Notebook, please see Kelly.

National Development of Umpires

Our more senior umpires will be coached by KNA. The National program for umpires at KNA is overseen by Kim Chan and can be contacted at 

The National badging process at KNA is in line with the Framework provided by Netball Australia.

Umpire Badges and Pay

As you improve your umpiring skills you will be assessed and awarded badges. When you start you are given the status of NB which means Not-Badged and your status determines which games you are able to umpire. You are also paid for umpiring and your pay rate is determined on your badge.

Payments are compiled at the end of each month and forwarded to the Club Treasurer for approval.

The badges and pay rates are listed below:



8am to 12.50pm Timeslots

2.10pm Timeslot

3.40pm Timeslot

Unbadged (UB)




Low D (LD)




Mid D (MD)




High D (HD)




National C




National B




National A








KNA Carnivals

Carnivals are a great way to learn and develop new skills from KNA committee members and other senior umpires. Umpires can always get a lift if you’re unable to find your own way there. Here is a list of upcoming carnivals:



The roster is emailed to all umpires 3 times throughout the year and all umpires will be notified of any changes to the roster. Buddies will also be advised of their allocations.

If you have an X: You are umpiring. You need to be at the courts AT LEAST 15 minutes before your game. You then sign in at the umpire’s window of the kiosk and get your court number, proceed to the Kissing Point tent behind the barbecue and write down your court number and sign your name on the umpire sign-on sheet, then proceed to the court.

If you have a SB: You are on Standby. You need to be at the courts AT LEAST 15 minutes before your game. You then sign in at the umpire’s window of the kiosk and they will thank you and send you off. Proceed to the Kissing Point tent and sign next to your name for Standby. You then walk back to the umpire’s window and hang around until they call your name. They wait about 5 minutes into the game before letting umpires go in case an umpire has not turned up.

We produce a roster which allocates Kissing Point umpires to each timeslot we are required to provide umpires for. You will probably find that to begin with you are only umpiring every second week because we have more umpires than games. However, during the season, we may be able to find extra games for our umpires.

Sometimes Kissing Point provides umpires for other clubs and we list these clubs on the roster. We also sometimes provide umpires at the last minute for other clubs. If you are umpiring for another club you do not need to contact the other club, the Umpire Convenor sorts out the admin and KNA know you as a Kissing Point umpire.

The roster allocates umpires for each of the 14 competition weeks, however, the roster changes regularly so do not assume your allocation for the season is not going to change. We notify all the umpires via email when there is a change to the roster.

We realise there may be weeks you are unable to umpire (school camps etc.) so if you are unable to umpire you must let us know so that we do not allocate you to umpire that week. Even if you are not rostered on you should advise us so that if we are making changes we do not allocate you on a week you cannot make.

Changing Umpiring Times

If you discover you cannot umpire on a date you have been assigned to you need to advise the Umpire Convenors ASAP. KNA need to be advised of changes by 5.00pm on the Wednesday before the game AT THE LATEST. While we understand things happen, advising us of not being available at the last minute because of a commitment you obviously knew about well in advance is not appreciated and may affect your umpiring of future games.


We communicate with you via email so it is important to ensure we have your correct email address and you need to be checking your emails regularly. We also require a phone contact in case we need to contact you. Sometimes this can be Saturday morning (if we a desperately looking for umpire or discover your game has been cancelled) so a mobile number (if you have one) is best.


  • Umpires should aim to be at the courts at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your game.
  • Umpires must mark off their names each Saturday at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game at the Umpire’s window opposite courts 20 and 21.
  • Stand-by Umpires are to mark off and stay at the window until released by KNA (after the game has started).
  • Umpires are ALSO to mark-off on the Umpire sheets at the Kissing Point tent, behind the barbecue. If you do not sign the Kissing Point sheet you will not be paid.
  • Please note that the Club is fined $50.00 each time an Umpire or Standby does not mark off or is late for a game.
  • Umpire dress standard – Club uniform or White shirt with white skirt (NO Track pants).
  • You will sometimes be told you are a Reserve. This occurs when the grade you have been allocated to has a Bye and so there is a spare umpire. Reserve umpires are the first to be allocated to a game requiring an umpire. If you do not umpire, you will still be paid as if you did.

If you need anything at all, Marinda and Kelly will be around or your buddy can help you. Please don’t be afraid if you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed or anything please let someone know so we can help you! We want to make sure you feel comfortable and get the most out of your umpiring.


Marinda Taha and Kelly Oastler 
Umpire Convenors