Keep calmKissing Point is among the 18 clubs which compete in the main KNA winter competition which runs March-August on Saturdays at the Canoon Road courts in South Turramurra.  Registration for this competition typically opens in early February and all players are graded into teams by the club.  Boys are welcome to play in the winter comp up until the age of 12 and thereafter, they can play in the mixed spring competition.

We’re also among the 11 clubs which compete in KNA’s mid-week spring competition in September-November at Lofberg Road, West Pymble.  Registration for this competition typically opens as the winter season ends in late August.  There are three divisions – Ladies, Junior (9/10, 11/12 and Intermediate grades) and Mixed (Seniors and Cadets).  Teams are put together by the players and/or parents and are not graded by the club.