Team Lists 2022

Grading for the 2022 winter competition has now been completed.

With increased numbers in many age groups, it has been a huge undertaking to review all the information for every player prior to forming teams.

A thorough process has been followed to place players into the most appropriate teams. Players have been observed playing in the 2021 season, Coaches reports and at the 2022 grading sessions and this information has been considered and reviewed extensively.

We would like to thank the Graders and Umpires for volunteering their time and expertise.

Currently, we do not know the grades of each team. This document will be updated when KNA has graded all teams and advised each club.

We are looking for more volunteers to coach and manage our teams. If you would like to volunteer or find out what is involved, please contact Rosie Dahdah (Coaching Convenor).